Sliding armrest to improve ergonomics at the workplace

Key Benefits

  • Compatible with all available mice and keyboards
  • Full freedom of movement with a comfortable posture at the same time
  • The large, curved and soft contact surface prevents pressure points on the arm
  • Can be used individually for the right or left hand, when using two pads also for both hands
  • Glides over almost any surface
  • Ergonomics certified by the IGR (Institute for Health and Ergonomics)

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    136 x 113 x 40 mm
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    146 x 120 x 43 mm
    115 g
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    0 °C to +40 °C
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    145 g
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    –20 °C to +60 °C



    product details

    Sliding armrest to improve ergonomics at the workplace

    The CHERRY SLIDEPAD ERGO is a sliding armrest designed to improve ergonomics at the workplace. The sliding palm rest for the desk optimises the position of your wrist and forearm, helping to prevent pain when working with a mouse and keyboard.

    Slidepad ergo

    Comfortable and ergonomic

    Your arm nestles comfortably in the padded support surface, yet you still enjoy complete freedom of movement. You no longer have to lift your arm when switching from mouse to keyboard. You simply glide back and forth effortlessly with the pad, whether on a mouse pad or on a desk. The movable pad supports your arm and promotes an upright body posture. This aids you in your everyday work and helps to relax your shoulders. This can prevent RSI (colloquially known as “mouse arm”), carpal tunnel syndrome, elbow pain or tendonitis.

    Universal and yet individual

    The CHERRY SLIDEPAD ERGO can be used with any mouse or keyboard - including vertical mice, of course. The pad can be used left-handed or right-handed, or both when using a second pad. Position your arm where it is most comfortable for you, from the front of the wrist to the back elbow area. The areas of use are very versatile as a result – just as you like it.

    gaming ergonomic

    office ergonomic

    Easy to clean and durable

    The ergonomic Slidepad is very easy to clean or disinfect thanks to its pleasant surface made of high-quality synthetic leather. So even after a long period of use, the pad still looks like new. Nothing stands in the way of years of use.

    Plastic-free packaging and sustainable materials

    In addition to all its ergonomic qualities, the sliding armrest is designed with sustainability in mind. For example, the FSC-certified brown box and its inner packaging, does not contain any plastic at all and even the ABS plastic used in the product itself is made of 100% recycled materials.

    plastic free packaging

    The CHERRY SLIDEPAD ERGO has a clean and minimalist design and stands for maximum ergonomics. An elegantly designed accessory for every workplace that makes your daily life noticeably easier.

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    product details

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